15 Tips to Avoid Workplace Email Drama

During the recent excitement and drama of the Sony Pictures email hack, I was reminded of a workplace email etiquette workshop that I conducted many years ago where one of the workshop participants commented that email etiquette should be common […]

How To Get A LinkedIn Skill Endorsement

LinkedIn is such an amazing tool for professionals, especially job seekers. Whether you are an active or passive job seeker, having a Linkedin profile is important. I would go so far as to say that it should be mandatory. Why? because […]

A Few Important Soft Skills for Leaders

As you will probably agree, it’s possible to have the technical skills to perform a job but lack the emotional intelligence or soft skills to excel in the workplace, especially if you hold a supervisory position. Soft skills are those […]

The Art of Networking – It’s Not What You Think

Not everyone is an extrovert. Even for those with the gift of gab, the mere thought of networking can be headache-inducing. I’d like you to reconsider the idea of networking. It doesn’t have to play out like a middle school dance where […]