Frequently Asked Questions

“I just want to get a résumé for now, what’s the process for that?” 

It’s an easy 3-step process. By the way, the same process is used for the LinkedIn® service. Watch the brief video below for more details:

“What file type will you provide for my résumé?”

Microsoft Word. With a Microsoft Word document, you can make any minor edits or necessary changes down the road. Although our résumés have great design elements, we do not use complicated design software that make it impossible for you to edit your résumé down the road if you need to change a phone number or anything else. We can also provide PDF and plain text files upon request.

“Can a résumé be more than one page?”

There was a time when a one page résumé was expected, regardless of years of experience. That is no longer the business standard. A one page résumé is sometimes provided for individuals with less than 10 years of experience. However, what is more important is a résumé that is aesthetically pleasing, and one that appropriately communicates your value.

Can I afford a new résumé?

Our services are priced at 30% – 60% less than similar Best-In-Class services. Given that a résumé could impact your earning potential, it’s wise to ensure that it demonstrates your professional value to avoid limiting your earning potential. Whether or not you choose Prepared To Win, this should be your goal.

“How will you get the new information into my LinkedIn® profile?”

You will be provided an electronic file by email with the new content for your LinkedIn® profile along with a background image. Upon receipt, you can simply copy and paste the content and upload the image. We will never ask you for your confidential LinkedIn® information (password).

“I read something about personal branding, what is that all about?”

Personal Branding is marketing yourself and your career as a brand through self-packaging. It’s also effectively communicating the value that you can deliver. Take a look at this chart, it provides a snapshot of personal branding, which is different than branding a business, but has many of the same components. All services provided by Prepared To Win endeavor to improve your personal brand.

“How is Prepared To Win different?”

We thrive on excellence and creating a “wow” factor. This is achieved through use of persuasive language to describe your qualifications and designs that garner attention. Résumé development is our mission – it is our calling. We understand that a great résumé truly matters and we treat each order as if it were the most important order we will ever receive.

“What about confidentiality?”

We do not share your information with anyone. Ever!

“What if I am applying for different types of positions in different industries?”

Our resume formats are created in such a way that tailoring your résumé for different positions and industries is a relatively easy process. Below is one example of a Prepared To Win résumé. Click image to view a larger version.

“I’m not sure if I really need a new résumé. Can you provide a résumé critique?”

Yes, we provide résumé critiques. Simply email your résumé to resumes @ preparedtowin [dot] com and request a critique. However, you should know that we do not engage in the tactic of scoring your résumé. Why? Because any ranking is completely arbitrary since different employers have different criteria plugged into their respective Applicant Tracking Systems. There is no global Applicant Tracking System. A critique from Prepared To Win is an honest assessment of your current résumé and what is required to make it more competitive.