Prepared to Win is committed to providing best in class products and services. Additionally, word of mouth has been our best form of advertising. Time and time again, our satisfied customers tell their family, friends, and neighbors. Every effort is made to ensure your satisfaction and this is why we offer a Guarantee with a high level of confidence.

While we certainly cannot guarantee employment, we can provide the best service possible and a quality product. With our worry-free guarantee, if you are not satisfied with your LinkedIn® profile or résumé, we will provide a new version at no additional charge (within the 7-day revision period). 

We will always make it right and your satisfaction is the highest priority. Having serviced thousands of clients, our  satisfaction rate is over 98%. In the unlikely event that we are unable to obtain your satisfaction, a refund will be offered (within 7 days of purchase). In the event that a refund is offered, the materials provided cannot be used in part or entirety. This guarantee is partially founded on an honor system and our desire to work with clients of high integrity.